Denise, “Thank You” cannot express how grateful I am for you and how God gifted me with you to be my doula. You are truly a God-send! I don’t know how I would have done it without your encouragement in the Lord. You are a blessing and I’m forever grateful for you! - N. Rodriguez, Houston Texas

My Doula was wonderful! I am so happy & grateful to have had her available during labor & delivery. She was an invaluable part of the whole experience & I would recommend her to all.
Dear Denise, we can’t tell you just how much your presence on our special day meant to us. You helped make the day so wonderful. Thank You so much! - S. Pervez, Houston, Texas
This was our second child and we were still new to labor. Denise offered a lot of guidance and made this experience very fulfilling. She exceeded every expectation. - A. Alvarado, Houston, Texas
Our Doula was a wonderful help! - L. Martinez, Houston, Texas
Denise you really helped so much during my delivery. I don’t think it would have been such a good experience without you. Thanks for calming presence and words. - Single mother, Houston, Texas
Dear Denise, Thank you for all your time and support with our birth. It was such a blessing to have you with us during this special moment. We look forward to working with you in the future if we are blessed with more children. - S. Koch, Houston, Texas


Why did you choose a birth doula?  This was my wife and I's first birth experience, it was a bit unnerving. We also had decided to go through labor unmedicated, adding thus another element of unknown. A friend had suggested a doula so we began to look through what that entailed. Once we realized it would be a coach to guide and help us through the process we were sold.


Was it beneficial for you and your wife to have a birth doula? 
YES. ABSOLUTELY.  Even before the birth, Denise was so helpful through every step of the process. From considering medications to procedures, Denise was able to inform us about what everything involved. During labor she was an absolute God-send, one of the most amazing women and servants I have ever met. She was amazing. Could not be more thankful for her. 

Labor felt very strange, I felt helpless and lost. Denise was there to coach both of us. She helped my wife through every step of labor and led me in techniques to comfort and care for her. Any questions we had Denise helped. It was amazing to even have the freedom of stepping out to grab a quick snack knowing that Denise was there to help my wife through everything. 

Would you recommend for a partner/husband to hire a birth doula? Why? 100%. For all the reasons listed above. - A. Rodriguez, Houston, Texas


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