This being my first pregnancy, my husband and I were a little anxious about facing the unknown. Denise really put our minds at rest and through her informative classes and availability to answer questions, we felt really prepared. During labor she was a peaceful presence, using various methods of relaxation to help me through the toughest moments. She continues to keep in touch and I consider her a dear friend. Houston, Texas.


This is a well rounded and accessible class that will help you have an overall understanding of birth.  As a doula and childbirth educator, I have assisted hundreds of expectant parents through a wide range of choices and experiences. I welcome all types of families and individuals. A Quick and Easy Class for Busy Houstonians! For expectant parents who want a childbirth class in a nutshell one 4-hour session. Price is per family. Flexible class scheduling. Private (in-home) classes are customized to your needs and comfort. 

This class will help you:

  • Recognize when you are in labor - stages of labor
  • Understand how contractions work and how to cope with contractions
  • Learn comfort techniques - breathing, relaxation, visualization, labor and pushing positions, advice for partners, and more
  • Learn about pain medication options
  • Understand medical procedures, cesarean birth, labor complications
  • Birth & Postpartum planning

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